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About Me May 18, 2010

I love car seats. I really do. It borders on obsession.  I was certified as a car seat technician in April so I can play with car seats and have an excuse. 😀  For privacy reasons, I am vague in some of my posts.  I will likely not name the groups I work  with or where I’m at.  Likewise, I don’t plan on using my family’s names.  I refer to my younger son, born in early 2009, as Little Dude.  My older son, born late 2006 will be called Mr Orange.  I will call my husband Jay, though that isn’t his name.  My mom lives with us, and when I talk about her, I will call her Mom.  Pretty creative, huh?

On occasion, I will talk about my dogs.  I will call my big dog Bean and my smaller (still 60 lbs) dog will be called Rose.  Mom’s dog will be referred to as Small Fry if I talk about her at all, which isn’t too likely since she doesn’t fit in the dog seatbelts I love.

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions!


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. CT Says:

    Have a frustrating problem, hope you have some insight! My almost 2 year old daughter has the Radian XTSL in Flora. We use it rear facing in the center seat of my ’05 Honda Pilot and love it. Except that I cannot get that sucker installed correctly. : ( We had it professionally checked & it was fixed but now we’re back to square one. The problem is that twice it has unclipped from the seatbelt and we cannot get it installed correctly! 😦 Any tips? Please help, thank you!!

    • carseatnerd Says:

      Installing in the center seat of a 2005 Pilot requires the use of a locking clip for a secure installation. A detailed overview of your particular model year can be found here: http://www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?p=1446644. Carrie_R is also a Child Passenger Safety Technician.
      While a center install provides a larger buffer of protection for your child, a more secure outboard position is safer than an incorrectly installed center position installation. I would install it with the SL strap outboard if it allows you to obtain a more acceptable installation.
      Also, I’ve noticed that if there is other adult passengers in my second row with the car seats, they may accidentally unbuckle the center seat belt when trying to unbuckle the passenger side outboard buckle. To remedy this, I cut a piece of the rough side of sticky-back Velcro to fit the red release button. Now there is a tactile difference between the belt restraining the child’s seat and the adult passenger. This also helps when I have three seats across and only want to take out the center or passenger outboard seat. I can feel the difference between buckles even though I can’t see which one I am holding. Hope that helps!

  2. Merillat Says:

    Just read your post on the Britax Two Way from Sweden. Could this seat be installed in the middle seating position with one tether going under each of the front seats?

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