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The end of an era is near December 2, 2010

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and I’m bummed.

Mr Orange is 40 lbs, 4 years old and 40″ tall. Technically legal to ride in a booster seat in most states.  But he still rides rearfacing in my Pilot in a Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL.  Little Dude is 30 lbs, 2 years old and 34″ tall.  Technically legal to ride forward facing, but is also still rearfacing in all of our vehicles in Britax Marathons (Classics).

The new issue is that my Marathons are 33 lb rearfacing limit models.  Which means Little Dude is fast approaching the rearfacing weight limit, so he needs to move out of them.  Which means that Mr Orange has to give up his Complete Air and his Radian XTSL and ride in one of the Marathons, the Britax Frontier and the Graco Nautilus forward facing.

Because my boys are in three vehicles regularly, I feel that I truly need three seats for each child. My husband doesn’t always install seats as well as I’d like, and my mom just won’t install them. So….I’m selling a Marathon and I bought a new Britax Roundabout 55.  I’m unnaturally excited to get my new seat. I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas and the UPS (or this time, the  FedEx) Man is Santa.  The shell has the same inner dimensions as the Marathon, but it has a 40 lb rearfacing limit.  Based on Mr Orange’s growth curve and Little Dude’s growth curve, I’m hoping to make it to around 4 with him in it.

I compiled a list of about eight different seats with a 40 lb rearfacing limit, but narrowed it down to the Roundabout 55 because I was able to get it at a significant discount and it has most of the features I was looking for.  Of all the seats I’ve installed, Britax convertibles have always been the easiest.  It is also one of the two brands with rearfacing tethers, which I feel are important for heavier rearfacers.  The features it didn’t have that I was hoping for were side impact wings, and deeper leg room for leggy kids.  But since Little Dude isn’t leggy, I’m not too upset about that part and rearfacing (especially tethered)  offers so much side impact protection in and of itself that I decided not to worry about that either.

I’ll let you know what I think of it and do a comparison as soon as I get it!

Edited To Add: I got the Roundabout 55. I didn’t like it.  I sent it back. I didn’t think that it would give m e the rear facing height I would need.


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