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I went to a great event today! May 26, 2010

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I dropped both of my kids off at preschool this morning at 9 am.  Yep, even Little Dude at 16 months went to preschool today.  He loved it, but I digress. After dropping them off, I made a trip that should have taken just under an hour.  It took an hour and forty minutes.  Traffic was awesome. Did you detect that sarcasm?  The event I was headed to started at 9 am and went until 1 pm.  Conveniently enough for me, those are the same as the preschool’s hours.   I had planned to get there at about 10 and leave around noon to be able to pick the boys up on time.

Since I got there so late, and the program hadn’t publicized widely due to a glitch in permitting, I ended up helping dismantling expired  or otherwise unusable seats instead of doing car seat checks. Have I told you how much I LOVE taking seats apart?!  There’s no sarcasm in there. I really do get a kick out of it.  I figured they were tossing everything that wasn’t the actual plastic shells in the garbage, so I offered to take any webbing longer than 30 inches as well as certain hardware.  They said sure, someone else has already taken a bunch.

The sponsoring program recycled ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY SEVEN SEATS!  I think that’s great! I was able to bring home about twenty five pounds of usable webbing and hardware.  Next time, I’ll remember to bring my own bag or box.  They also sent me  home with three usable seat covers.

Here’s my webbing score:

Twenty five pounds of stuff!

That is so gross. Makes you want a new harness on your seat, doesn't it?

Kind of makes you want to get new harnesses for your seats doesn’t it? Please note that you should NEVER wash your seat’s harness like this. This is only acceptable in this case because this webbing will never be used on a child restraint again.  Please follow your seat manufacturer’s directions on cleaning the harness on your child’s seat.

After washing:

This is what 25 lbs of webbing hanging on an octohanger looks like

And the triglides (these are usually used to anchor the webbing to the seat shell):

Some triglides I salvaged.

Lots of LATCH

Wait till you see what I come up with for these!

I’m not sure how I ended up with an odd number of LATCH connectors.  I know the suspense is going to kill you, but I do have a plan for these!

Oh, and I ended up being late for pickup. Traffic didn’t get any better.


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