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Two more days! And a slight mishap May 24, 2010

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On Wednesday, I will drop both boys off at preschool and drive an hour to a car seat check event.  This will be my first weekday event.  At this particular event, they will have a drop-off for unusable seats, as well as a drop off for usable baby items to donate to low income families.  I’m pretty excited to see some o the old stuff people bring in. I might even muster up the nerve to ask if I can have any usable webbing off them!

In other news, I had to disassemble my Nautilus this weekend. It needed to be cleaned after getting fire extinguisher dust all over it. :o| My husband took our older son for a ride in his pickup truck on Saturday to go run a few errands.  While out, he noticed that there were FLAMES under the bench seat. He saw them through the hole where the buckle stalks come out of the seat bottom.  He very quickly evaluated whether it would be better to just attack the flames with the fire extinguisher on the floorboard, or remove our son first, then attack the fire. He opted to juts go after the fire while it was still small.

I of course followed Graco’s cleaning instructions and wiped the plastic down with a damp towel and washed the cover according to the manual. In this particular seat’s manual, it did state that I could machine wash and rip dry the cover. I opted to simply rinse the powder off and drip dry.  (I have a mental problem with putting things with padding into the top loading machine. I’m afraid the fluff will end up all wonky.)

The truck and occupants were all fine.  The fire was started by an exposed wire under the seat.


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