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The 2010 Free Seat Season has been kicked off! May 21, 2010

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My free seat collection for 2010 was kicked off about a week and a half ago when I stumbled upon  three seats on the road with a FREE sign. I, of course hit the brakes and pulled over immediately and tried to Tetris (r) them into my tiny 1996 Altima.  Keep in mind, I already had  my kids’ two seats in the backseat.  The trunk was full of boxes of clothes I needed to drop off for donation.  Once I added my new seats, I had two seats in the front passenger seat, two seats installed in the back seat with kids in them, plusd another seat crammed onto the floor of the backseat!

As soon as I got home, I had to see what my newest score was! I had in my hot little hands a spectacular Fisher Price convertible t-shield seat from 1989, a fabulous Fisher Price infant seat from 1991, and a Graco SnugRide from 2001. All expired (most recently expired was the SnugRide, in 2007!)  The two Fisher Price seats were actually in great shape, especially given their ages.  The SnugRide was moldy and quite gross.  The FP convertible and SnugRide are sitting on my back deck awaiting recycling, and the FP infant seat was claimed by a fellow local car seat nerd for her daycare kids to play with.  It was quite light weight and lacked a carry handle, but had the easy to buckle t-shield.


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