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Hello world! May 18, 2010

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One expired 3 pt Evenflo infant seat, one not-quite expired Graco SnugRide infant seat, an expired Cosco Summit combination seat, a two year old but moldy Eddie Bauer, an expired Cosco combination seat, and a very expired Cosco shield booster and Evenflo extra base for seat not pictured (?).

Hi! I am a Car Seat Nerd. I love child safety seats. I think they’re great.

I have two boys. A three and a half year old and a sixteen month old.  Obviously, they’re still in carseats. Which means I get to obsess about them. I currently have five seats for my two boys. Both are still rearfacing in one of our vehicles.  Yes, you read that right. My three year old is rearfacing still.

I currently own two Britax Marathons, a Safety 1st Complete Air, a Graco Nautilus and a Britax Frontier. I have also purchased a Sunshine Kids Radian 65, a First Years TrueFit, and a Cosco Scenera. I’ve borrowed a Graco SnugRide, and was given an additional Marathon to use for the last two years of it’s lifespan.

When just obsessing over cat seats was no longer enough fun, I decided to become a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. I took a 40 hour class to learn about child passenger safety. I paid out of my own pocket and got up at 4 am for four days to drive an hour and a half to class so that I could volunteer at car seat check events one Saturday a month for the next two years.  Yep, I’m that into car seats.

Sometimes I go out and uninstall them from my vehicles just to try them in a different configuration or vehicle.  I get all kinds of excited when I get to try someone else’s seats or go seat shopping with friends!

When I see free car seats on th side of the road or at garage sales, I grab them.  They’re usually free for a reason. They’re expired. They’re nasty.  They aren’t safe to use.  I really feel like they are a huge hazard.  Low income families can get seats other ways. Safe, new seats even.

When I snag a seat, I harvest any usable parts off it. Usually the Locking Clips, any webbing that isn’t moldy and occasionally the cover.  I hoard the locking clips in case someone needs on e and no longer has the one that came with their seat.  I use the webbing to make dog collars (beecherpetdesigns.com), and I sell the cover on e-bay if it’s in decent shape and fits current models of seats.

After I’ve harvested what I want off a seat, I either save it for a local seat recycling event or my husband destroys it so that it cannot be used by someone picking through our garbage.


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Maybe you’ll be able to answer a question that is basically eating me alive at the moment. I have an Eddie Bauer infant carseat (not expired) and I need a double stroller but I do NOT want to buy an Eddie Bauer stroller, what other type of carseat hooks in to a base or on to a stroller like an Eddie Bauer one? When it hooks on to the single stroller I have now it has a bar type thing that allows it to be secure. Any suggestions? I’m trying to save money seeing that my daughter is only eight months old, I’m going to school, trying to fix my car and pay bills still without getting behind, Pregnant again (unexpected) and basically a single mother.

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